Quick Diagnostics Speeds Scanning Avoids Inventory Application Re-writes

Beverage Bottling and Distribution Plant


Mobile users taking inventory complained that the response time (screen update time) of their devices mysteriously increased from about 2 seconds to 4-6 seconds per data entry. This meant each inventory transaction took 12-18 seconds in total (3 updates per transaction). Increasing the mobile workers time to complete inventory from 1.5 hours to 4 hours.


Connect’s diagnostics isolated the millisecond timing of each wireless network component and within hours exonerated the WMS application and network as the source of the bottleneck. The specific cause of latency was found to be due to limitations of the OS version on the device. The solution recommended by Connect avoided costly host application changes, wireless infrastructure changes and a host of other trial and error solutions that would not have addressed the problem. In addition, Connect discovered that the response time could be stabilized at less than one second per transaction.


This company’s transaction time was quickly restored based on Connect’s recommendations without costly application re-writes, network changes, bandwidth increases. Connect remains a resource to the IT department and vendors who strive to keep facilities operating at their peak.

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