Mobile Systems Intelligence (MSI)

A software-driven service automating problem capture and root cause analysis for the digital enterprise.

The Opportunity

Mobile frontline workers rely on fast, always connected applications, servers, networks and mobile devices to move goods or help customers and patients. What if you could know how technology fell short and what to do about it, now?

Capture It

Empower frontline workers while effortlessly gaining new visibility into what can be improved and how.


Click. Analysis. Action.

Trickle-up reports, guesswork, bloated conference calls and emails with all vendors trying to prove innocence is, fortunately, a thing of the past.

How MSI Works

One-click reporting

Instead of wasting between 4 to 28 minutes of productive time to verbally report an issue to a manager, mobile employees hit a single button to report issues such as slowness, drops and other interruptions.

Real-time visibility

No need for another conference call. MSI software posts issue details and diagnostics to your MSI Portal. It sends customized alerts and can integrate with IT Service Management systems to create tickets. MSI support experts help the resolution process every step of the way.

Automatic problem capture

Trying to recreate an issue is now a thing of the past. Date, time, user, and the device to server communication details are automatically captured and recorded by the MSI software. Eliminates 80% of troubleshooting and automates triage.

Accountability for action

From one to thousands of connected mobile computers and frontline workers, MSI metrics track key user performance indicators such as latency, response times, disconnects in context of the IT infrastructure. No more finger pointing, just the facts for accountability.

Why Get Started With MSI


Minimum labor spend saved for each mobile employee.

It only takes a handful of undocumented interruptions each shift to add up to thousands a year paid out to employees for mobile downtime.


Reduction in time to detect, diagnose and resolve.

Operations and IT leadership are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when they review incident tickets based on user complaints.


Training for IT teams.

Do more with less when you have intelligence at your fingertips. No certifications, no training courses – just answers you need now.

How to Get Started

1. Discover

We start by learning about your mobile enterprise and IT support process. We share how our software and services can help your IT and Operations teams improve use cases and demonstration.

Are you ready? Find an hour and invite the key people who would benefit from improving mobile efficiency, streamlining IT services management and reducing the corporate risk associated with running a connected enterprise. Set up a call and demo and evaluate for your business.

2. PIlot

The best way to understand the value of MSI is to do a pilot project and see for yourself how transformative it is.

  • Select sites to pilot.
  • Deploy the MSI software in your virtual environment.
  • Configure mobile computers to connect to software.
  • Access the real-time and curated data in your MSI Portal.
  • Review the analysis and start making data-driven improvements.

The findings and ongoing insights from the pilot are immediately actionable. Business case and understanding the value of working with Connect’s team are additional benefits from a pilot project.

Let’s do this. Get ready to see your mobile devices, software, networks and applications from the users point of view.

3. expand and improve

The value of MSI scales exponentially with time and coverage. The more MSI monitors and analyzes, the more Connect and our customers learn. Uses cases grow as does ROI, here are a few examples.

  • Benchmarking performance.
  • Technology testing and selection.
  • Technology deployments.
  • ITSM process improvement.
  • Vendor management and accountability.
  • Technology migration support and validation.
  • Industry 4.0 applictions.
  • Smart warehouse initiatives.
  • Big data analytics and business intelligence projects.

Let’s get a discovery call set up.

The first step is easy. Click below.