Pharmaceutical manufacturer gets relief from mobile computer delays

Repeated user complaints of long delays on handheld mobile scanning devices across this global manufacturer’s distribution centers went unresolved for nearly a year. The IT and Operations teams struggled to pinpoint the elusive causes of the latency, disconnections and other problems that resulted in lost productivity for their order pickers and packers.  In fact, because the complaints went without resolution for so long, the warehouse workers lost confidence that the problems were being addressed, and stopped complaining altogether.


Connect’s services were brought in to assist the internal IT teams, who had exhausted wire sniffers, network analysis tools and mobile device management monitors while serious problems persisted. Connect used specialized software to profile the wireless data transactions, but unlike wire sniffers or other network monitors Connect’s software uses proprietary transactional analytics to isolate the causes for each particular instance of mobile downtime, facilitating resolution.

After quickly determining the origin of each issue, Connect’s software was configured to continuously and transparently stabilize the response times of all mobile devices in the picking and packing operations to under one second per transaction, eliminating intermittent mobile downtime and restoring productivity.


Connect’s software and analysis tools are used by this customer’s internal IT team to keep a close eye on mobile infrastructure performance and mobile worker downtime. They use the software to track mobile device, network, and application transactions and use the built-in software tools to troubleshoot and diagnose issues efficiently. Annual labor and IT helpdesk cost savings: $2.4M.

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