See your mobile and robotic technology from the inside-out.

We are a software engineering and IT services company. We advance the connected industry by giving the frontline a voice and IT teams the data to deliver an optimal technology experience.

Turn verbal and manual issue reporting about mobile and robot connection problems into the click of a button.

Let’s talk about this.

Imagine if IT had answers before Operations teams can ask, “why are we disconnecting and slow?”

Let’s do it.

Say goodbye to emergency calls to troubleshoot frontline delays. Switch to a data-driven resolution-focused process.

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Get the benefits of automated analysis, but still have dedicated, expert support to help your IT teams in finding and fixing connection issues.

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Our Services

Proactive. Data-driven. Actionable.

The reactive support model is on its last leg. Training an enterprise IT department on a new set of tools is counter-productive and not future proof. We transformed our specialized software tools, problem-solving experience and exceptional customer support into intelligent, digital services that give our customers peace of mind. When it comes to a connected enterprise of mobile computers, IIOT and robots, IT teams need analysis that drives a quick resolution, not more raw data to spin their wheels looking for a root cause.

Real-time problem and performance capture.

Our services are ‘always-on’. We make it easy to benchmark systems then detect technology hiccups interrupting urgent tasks and processes.

Problem prioritization.​

Let’s face it wireless isn’t perfect and neither is code or users. Our services determine which problems are impacting production and which ones are critical if not resolved.

Data and process-driven root cause analysis.

Our data analytics software and diagnostic process informs you where to drill down and avoid red herrings; systematically peeling the onion to get to the core issues fast.

Performance metrics.

Our unbiased measures of user and system performance allows for clear focus and validation of successful improvements.

Dedicated support.

We maintain the power of people to create, manage effectively, and turn numbers into true business improvements.

About Us

Customer-driven innovation. Exceptional customer support.

We are original pioneers of the auto-ID and data-capture industry. Connect Inc became known as “ConnectRF” because of deep expertise with radio frequency technology. Through the years the meaning of ConnectRF to our partners and customers remained the same: proven and innovative software coupled with responsive and helpful support with actionable analytics.

As our customers build Industry 4.0 strategies and move to smart factory, warehouse and store technology, ConnectRF supports and fuels these initiatives with unique and foundational visibility into a changing and critical IT infrastructure.


Years in the Wireless business


Problems Captured, analyzed, fixed

What Our Customers Don’t Say

The opposite of what we do is instructive.

We love when Operations is breathing down our necks and we have to drop everything, get on a plane to the facility and spend days trying to recreate intermittent problems.

Not a potential customer

Wastes Company Resources

What Our Customers Do Say

“Whole system problem capture was the key to a voice-system issue involving multiple vendors, who couldn’t find root cause from their perspective.”
SAP Solution Architect
Power Tools Distribution Company
“Why wouldn’t we want this kind of visibility through all of our global facilities to be proactive instead of reactive to mobile-user issues?”
Global VP of IT Infrastructure
Mobile Computer Manufacturer
“This is exactly the visibility we needed all along to get the network team off the hook! Every problem looks like a network problem. Without this data it is impossible to prove otherwise.”
Network Engineer
Medical Device Distribution

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