Robot Systems Intelligence (RSI)

End to end communications monitoring, performance capture and analytics for wirelessly connected robots and automated industrial systems.

Robots Have a Voice

Millions of communications per minute between machines over networks. Proprietary protocols. Multiple OEMs. Various engineering teams. Software developers from many companies and countries. Yet robots, networks, and software work flawlessly, until the moment they don’t.

Are You Listening?

“Listen” to your robot communications with RSI and ease the pain of discovering and recovering downtime in the smart factory and warehouse.

RSI Speaks Robot

Automated anomaly detection

RSI listens and understands communication in your network to capture anomalies that result in downtime. When we do this, the time to detect, diagnose and resolve issues or improve is easier and faster.

Foundational visibility

Connect autonomous mobile robots (AMR), automatic guided vehicles (AGV), and gantry robots to RSI to see the performance of both existing infrastructure and new technology critical to Industry 4.0 advancement.

Intelligent analysis

Diagnosing and proving innocence in complex systems with many moving parts, eliminates 80% of troubleshooting. When we do this, IT teams spend more time advancing automation, and less time trying find out what went wrong with it.

Vendor accountability

Our RSI metrics track key system and robot performance indicators such as latency, response times and disconnects in context of the IT infrastructure. When we do this, IT teams end finger pointing between vendors and internal teams with analytics that move everyone towards resolution.

Automated Retail Warehouse AMR

Key Features


Deploy quickly. No training.

A single piece of software. No agents. No SDK’s.


In the enterprise network.

Safely deploy and run.

Always On

Proactive not reactive.

Don’t miss a beat.

How to Get Started

1. Discover

We start by learning about your industrial automation systems. We share how our software and services could help your IT and Operations teams improve.

Find an hour and invite the key people who would benefit from unbiased visibility into robotics systems. Set up a call and demo to evaluate for your business.

2. PIlot

The best way to understand the value of RSI is to do a pilot project and see for yourself how transformative it is.

  • Select sites to pilot.
  • Deploy the RSI software in your virtual environment.
  • Access the real-time and curated data in your RSI Portal.
  • Review the analysis and start making data-driven improvements.

The findings and ongoing insights from the pilot are immediately actionable. Business case and understanding the value of working with Connect’s team are additional benefits from a pilot project.

Let’s do this. Get ready to see the world from your robots point of view.

3. expand and improve

The value of RSI scales exponentially with time and coverage. The more RSI monitors and analyzes, the more Connect and our customers learn. Uses cases grow as does ROI, here are a few examples.

  • Benchmarking performance.
  • Technology testing and selection.
  • Technology deployments.
  • ITSM process improvement.
  • Vendor management and accountability.
  • Technology migration support and validation.
  • Industry 4.0 applictions.
  • Smart warehouse initiatives.
  • Big data analytics and business intelligence projects.

Let’s get a demo set up.

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