Helping Warehouse Pickers Go Faster with Mobile Systems Intelligence

“Mas rapido!” was the comment by pickers in a medical device manufacturers warehouse after Mobile Systems Intelligence by Connect reduced the time for each mobile screen update allowing the team to meet peak demand.


When this Barcoding customer decided to monitor the roll-out of SAP mobile warehouse applications to existing mobile devices, it was to gain visibility into the actual performance of their system and the impacts to the mobile warehouse teams.


Adding one piece of software to the customer’s network was all that was needed to gather relevant data analysis. It showed that mobile pickers frequently waited seconds between screen updates when their operations demand speed in the blink of an eye. The pressure was on to find a resolution for the delays documented by MSI and escalated by local warehouse operations teams to company executives.


Barcoding and MSI let data lead the way. Exact isolation of the bottlenecks by MSI meant that the requirements to speed up the transactions was clear. In this case, MSI engineers were able to insert a seamless routine into the MSI software that reduced the delays. The fix was applied with a remote update during production and the result was the mobile team members exclaiming, “mas rapido!” (Faster).

MSI is being rolled out to all sites, regardless of the status of their operations or perceived challenges. This customer believes in proactively capturing any opportunities to make their mobile team members more efficient, connected and accurate.

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