Visibility & Support of Your IT Infrastructure in Action

Answers you need now, without the burden of finding them.

Our customers are hardworking and talented IT and Operations teams held accountable for the performance of frontline mobile workers and robotic systems in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and logistics industries.

The last thing they need is more to do.

Our Mobile and Robot Systems Intelligence services with always-on performance capture, diagnostics and reporting deliver IT teams the information they need now.

The inputs into our monitoring and support services are communications between machines, applications, edge devices and people that get lost or can’t be captured by other means but are critical when testing, detecting problems or improving systems.

The outputs are the most important moments of your operation, clearly recorded, analyzed and reduced to a simple deliverable: what went wrong and why.

“With Connect’s services, one thing I no longer say to Operations is that I don’t know.” – North American Manufacturing IT Services Director

What You Can Expect

Operational Resilience

Our services accelerate the improvement cycle and increase uptime of critical people and technology.

Vendor Accountability

Connected enterprises require solutions made by multiple vendors that work together seamlessly. Our immediate proof of responsibility or innocence resolves issues faster.

IT Support Transformation

As IT teams become leaner, gaining efficiencies through advancing technology and processes to support the business is transformative. Our automated reporting and triage fast-track your IT Service Management.

Risk Mitigation

Our visibility into technology performance allows executives to make decisions that reduces risk for their shareholders and drive advancement in automation to gain a competitive edge.

Included In Our Services

Our secret sauce is in our software, delivery, and process. In order to bring critical, actionable data to our key stakeholders without burdening them with more to maintain, manage and analyze we put together a single service package.

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