Auto Manufacturer Discovers Reasons for Painful Mobile Disconnects

Intermittent Disconnects

This auto manufacturer’s mobile-users were experiencing inexplicable session disconnects on handheld mobile computers in their warehouses. For three months IT and Operations management attempted numerous fixes including wireless equipment upgrades and relocating access points but could not resolve the problem.

End to End Analysis Reveals Hidden Error

Connect was put on the task and the source of the problem was discovered in less than two days.  Using a proprietary process and software tools, Connect’s diagnostics revealed that there was an error message in all of the transactions preceding each disconnect. However, the error message was being displayed on the devices so fleetingly that the end-users could not see it.

Real-time Problem Capture Saves the Day

Once the company knew of the error it allowed them to correct a bug in the application. This eliminated the error and the dropped sessions it was causing. Total time was two days to identify the root cause and two days for this company to correct the problem. It’s likely that without such a tool the company would still be living with this costly problem today.

This single incident represents just one of many where Connect’s software streamlined troubleshooting and saved the distribution operations lost time.

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