Virtual Appliance

CloudMax is delivered as a virtual appliance. This means it:

  • Comes pre-built, pre-configured and ready to run
  • Can be distributed by email, installed by anyone, and running within 5 minutes
  • Is simple and easy to maintain because patches to the OS are never needed
  • Has a very small foot print because of JeOS (Just enough Operating System), a.k.a “Juice”
  • Easily integrates into high availability and load balancing environments

As a virtual appliance, CloudMax can be implemented anywhere that best fits an enterprise’s current needs; on-site, at a proprietary data center or, through Connect’s cloud-hosting service.  And, as an enterprise’s mobility architecture evolves the CloudMax appliance can be seamlessly moved between physical servers with minimum interruption to end users.

For a useful tutorial on the attributes of virtual appliances click here