Browser Acceleration: Connect’s browser acceleration technology is designed from the ground up for real-time, mobile data collections operations. It delivers an unsurpassed experience of speed, stability and reliability to mobile computer operators.

Find the Fix: Connect’s FindFix technology locates hard-to-find network, application, and device problems. IT departments no longer have to embark on the difficult and time consuming task of attempting to recreate reported problems. Instead, they can go back days, weeks, or months and examine the timing and data of any transaction for any user.

Evolve from TE to Browsers: Connect’s telnet to web conversion technology enables browsers to interface with character-based applications (i.e. Telnet apps), while maintaining the same functionality and usability as traditional TE software. This enables your valuable telnet applications to support the latest device platforms and provides a seamless migration path from legacy to web applications.

Specialized Diagnostics: Quickly identifies the root causes of pain points and failures in RF networks such as network lock-ups, latency, application bugs, transient operator errors and dropped sessions. The result is a dramatic reduction in time to problem resolution, which is especially valuable in multiple vendor environments.