The CloudMax-Hybrid version enables any application for cross-platform (BYOD) support, while also allowing mixed application types and mixed terminal software types to run concurrently.

In the past, enabling a BYOD environment required businesses to undertake the extremely costly and uncertain endeavor of rewriting their well-established and bug-free legacy applications to support the latest device platforms. No longer. CloudMax-Hybrid enables legacy and web applications for BYOD support, while concurrently supporting the coexistence of dissimilar terminal software types on the same host application.

CloudMax-Hybrid protects the value of existing IT assets by providing a seamless migration path to cross-platform capability. Businesses that strive to stay ahead of their competition must be able to constantly evolve, and to do so without unnecessarily disrupting their entire business operations. CloudMax-Hybrid provides those benefits, giving them the Power to Evolve.

As with all CloudMax platforms users also enjoy the core benefits of:

  • Fault tolerance for mission critical operations, virtually eliminating the high cost of operational downtime
  • Fault isolation tools to quickly identify the root cause(s) of unresolved pain points in mission critical systems
  • Easy implementation and no IT maintenance costs, since the software is compiled into a virtual appliance
  • Dramatic reduction in response times for increased productivity
  • Substantial reduction in data traffic for scalability
  • Session persistence for increased productivity
  • Terminal usability enhancements for increased productivity