Mobility Handler

The Mobility Handler reduces operator workload and increases device usability by providing user-friendly tools for adapting mobile devices to a host application, without modifying the application. Using these tools does not require any programming skills.  Additionally, the Mobility Handler provides SSH to non-SSH enabled mobile devices.

ClientMax and CloudMax users access the Mobility Handler through the ClientMax Manager, where they will find these handling tools:

Auto-ID:  Adapts the data collection hardware (e.g. barcode scanners, RFID, etc.)

Voice:  Enables voice processing

Keypad:  Adapts data that is keyed into the device’s keypad

Printers:  Enables the host application to interface with mobile device printers

Scripting (i.e. session automation):  Automates device access to the portion of the host application most often used by the operator

Formatting:  Adapts the device’s display screen to the host screen