CVA (CloudMax) Features and FAQ’s

CVA (CloudMax) is a Mobile Session Manager for telnet and web-based applications that is compatible with all terminal emulation software and browsers, including HTML5.

Features include:

CHOP (Connect Hyper-Optimization Protocol)

  • Stabilizes and accelerates RF networks and mobile sessions
  • Reduces data to mobile devices by up to 99% without compression
  • Reduces processing overhead on devices
  • Best for applications with repetitive screen forms (CHOP only transmits the delta between each screen update, instead of the entire screen)

Content Rewrite and Response Control 

  • Mitigates application inefficiencies in real-time without changes to application (See Session Diagnostics for identifying inefficiencies)
  • Document merge and pre-fetch options
  • Image size reduction
  • Domain re-mapping
  • Intercepts and eliminates unnecessary network chatter

HTTP CompressionCan be configured to apply to transactions that are not subject to CHOP

  • Up to 70% data compression
  • Up to 100% image resolution reduction

Session Persistence

  • Transparently restores mobile sessions
  • Supports roaming between dissimilar wireless networks (e.g. WiFi to Cellular)
  • Compatible with all terminal emulation software

Session DiagnosticsQuickly identifies root causes of performance defects

  • Distinguishes between application, network, device and end-user performance and behaviors
  • Provides end-to-end transaction timing and data content
  • Automatically pairs client requests with application responses
  • “Inspectors” provide a deep dive into session details
  • Analyze system wide behaviors or individual sessions
  • No changes to application or network, and no additional device software is required


  • Enables telnet apps for the browser UI
  • Screen appearance can be customized to user preferences (e.g. create browser-like screens)
  • Provides common UI for mixed telnet and web environments

Built-in Access to Connect, Inc. Support and Documentation

  • On-line license authorization
  • Snapshot function collects all system traces
  • Upload snapshots directly to Connect, Inc. for analysis
  • Documentation
  • Support ticket creation
  • Stress testing
  • Trace clean-up function

ImplementationDesigned for high performance and low resource needs

  • Delivered as a virtual appliance compatible with all Hypervisors
  • Patented, event-driven design
  • Built-in load balancer for multiple instance deployments
  • Each CVA instance supports 8192 concurrent users
  • Licenses are authorized per device

System Requirements

  • Virtual environment or virtual machine player
  • 1 GB CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB Hard-disk space