Managed Cloud-Hosting

Connect offers fully-managed cloud-hosting to CloudMax customers. The infrastructure and servers meet the same Tier 3 ANSI standards for redundancy and up-time as Google. It is a cost-effective means of improving the security, reliability and flexibility of mission critical networks.

Cost-Effective:  No capital expenditures on hardware, and no IT costs associated with integration or maintenance

Easy Implementation:  The deliverable is an IP address

Fault Resilience:  Provides designated, redundant CloudMax appliances to minimize downtime

Disaster Recovery:  Continuous, image-based backups enable quick recovery from failures of software and/or hardware

Proactive Monitoring:  Increases up-time by detecting problems before they disrupt the network

Our cloud-hosting service helps CloudMax users enhance the value of their mobility investments. Users pay a fixed monthly fee and pricing is based upon resources needed. The tests for determining the needed resources are non-intrusive and free.  For details, contact us.