Year Event
2015 Introduced the 1st version of what is now Mobile Systems Intelligence
2006 Introduced the 4th generation of mobile connectivity, PowerNet Release 8 (V8)
2004 Introduced PowerNet Release 7 (R7)
1999 Introduced PowerNet Release 6 (R6)
1998 Introduced the 3rd generation of mobile connectivity, PowerNet; first vendor-independent product line in the industry.
1997 Shipped the 5,000th system, supporting 300,000 users worldwide.
1995 Introduced the first Wireless Network Engineer training and certification program in the industry.
1993 Introduced the 2nd generation of wireless network products; introduced fault-resilience to the market.
1992 Awarded U.S. Patent 5,513,328 “Apparatus for Inter-Process/Device Communication for Multiple Systems of Asynchronous Devices” for the high speed, multi-protocol, hardware-independent software techniques employed in Connect networking products.
1991 Connect founded to produce the 1st generation of wireless connectivity products; introduced scale and performance to the nascent wireless market, then known as “spread spectrum”.