About Us

In 1991, CONNECT, INC developed the enabling software technology that made large scale wireless networking a reality. Today, Connect is enabling the future of mobile connectivity by providing stability and security to Cloud-based architectures, and speed and scalability to web-based applications.

CONNECT’S patented innovations make mobile device performance simpler, smarter, and faster by:

  • Achieving sub-second response times with telnet and web-based applications
  • Facilitating increases in the number mobile devices on the network without costly performance degradation
  • Increasing productivity with diagnostic tools and support for troubleshooting network failures
  • Improving user productivity by transparently restoring dropped and casually connected wireless sessions
  • Securing data transmissions with SSH encryption

Who Uses Connect Technology?

Retailers, distributors, transportation companies, manufacturers, hospitals, car rental agencies … just about any business that needs to keep track of “things”. Our end-users are mostly Fortune 100 companies, multi-nationals and government agencies.

How is Connect Technology Used?

Most commonly seen in a supermarket or a rental car lot, employees use a mobile device to obtain information from a product bar-code.  The software that moves information from the mobile device to a central computer and back again is Connect’s. Behind the scenes, Connect software also monitors the network and helps to keep it up and running.

Why Do Businesses Invest in Connect’s Technology?

Connect’s products ensure that our customers’ mobile infrastructure investments are fully realized.

Businesses are making large capital investments in building their mobile infrastructures. These investments include application software (e.g SAP), network hardware (mobile devices, access points, servers, etc.), and IT staff.  Connect provides the connectivity software that enables all the components of the network to effectively communicate.   It is critical that the connectivity software is reliable, time-tested, high performance, and fault resilient, which only Connect products can claim.

Connect’s products stand above the competition in that they increase in value over time by delivering an open platform that facilitates the adoption of  new technologies as they become available.

Who Sells these Systems?

Our partners. Some of them manufacture the hardware and others design, integrate, and maintain the complete system for the customer. Contact us for a list of preferred partners.