• CVA enables mobile computers for superior ease of use.

  • CVA for cloud-based mobility solutions: fast, secure, scalable, stable

Since 1991, Connect has been providing the world’s leading companies with software that maximizes productivity in their real-time, mobile data-collections operations. On average, our customers realize an additional profit of $2,800  per year, per mobile computer operator.

In the distribution center, every second counts. Connect will unlock those seconds, opening the door to hidden profits for your company.

Distribution center managers often measure the productivity of their mobile computer operators, like order pickers, by the number of tasks completed per hour. However, when operators must wait for their screens to update before picking the next item, productivity suffers and profits are lost. Even if your current wait times appear tolerable, make no mistake: The annual accumulation of lost labor hours per operator is significant.

Connect’s software ensures that your mobile computer operators are never left waiting for their screens to update, and the benefits begin immediately upon deployment.

Review this white paper and learn how to identify where productive time is being lost and how to quickly get your real-time, mobile data collections operations back on track.